I CANNOT keep this Wiki up-dated! All my help file are in this public Dropbox Help folder.

Click there and use the search bar. I have been doing pretty good at keeping files name well and in their folders...

Old School below...

This site exists because I need it - not because others need it! It is a source for me to keep and distribute MY help files. I will share this with the world but when I am working with a teacher or a class and they ask me that question.... "As long as you're here, how do you..."? I want to be able to pull up this page and answer their questions. I would like to have others add to this site. If you are a document/video creator and want to add to this wiki (as in other STS or LMITS) please click on the "join" button above. Or if you have suggestions for me to add - email me at ksmedberg@graniteschools.org and let me know. I will upload the .dotx files also for you to use/edit. Feel free to change them to fit your needs.

Pick your topic on the left. Below is key to the icons and reasons why there are different file types. Please also know your file extensions!
Used mostly to print files but a good read too.
Use it to edit my document to fit your needs Mostly 2007/08 Converts for XP or Mac.
Some files may be .doc
Point (07)
Use to view/edit the PowerPoint. Some may be 2003 version - .ppt
Quick Time
A movie made of usually a PowerPoint. Pause it as needed.
.swf / .flv
A movie of my screen. Easy to follow and pause along the way.external image bullet_arrow_down.gif
"The hand" or
"The Finger"
Is a link to another web page.
Probably Inspirations 8. You must have this program to view/edit these files.
Or, it may show up this way if "The Wiki" does NOT know what it is. Look at the suffix
.isf = Inspiration .wdp = Word Perfect .ppt = Power Point etc.