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This Canvas page is not going to teach you much except Where else to get help! Canvas has an exceptional help menu with videos and tutorials. However if I do make some they will go here!
Superintendents requirements for 11/11, and my opinion?
  • Disclosure posted. ...on the Syllabus page. Problem is that it is NOT a syllabus. It is not available to parents via canvas. You'll get to type it for EACH class! (Copy and paste?)
    • My suggestion? Make your syllabus the same for each period. Your basic class rules, and expectations are (or can be the same). Type it up on Word, save as .pdf put file on Canvas. For difference in each class make a separate file and post each one. Better suggestion... Post it on a public page where parents CAN see it at anytime. Display it and present it in class. Have students and parents fill out a Google Doc form that says they read it. It requires no printing at all!
  • Splash page. Think of it as a welcome page. It is the front page for each class period.
    • My suggestions? Sell your class here. Wide banner at the top with some welcoming words and positive information. No need to add due dates or calendar items since those would be added elsewhere. Tell students HOW to use Canvas and put Other resources here.
  • Published. Required for students to see. Once published you CANNOT un-publish.
    • My suggestions? Don't just jump through the hoop and publish with nothing there. That's like writing a book with all the pages blank. Yes you're an author now but you've written nothing. Student (and parents) will see your page. If you have nothing there - what does that tell them about you and your class?

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