As with some other of my pages you may find other ways to do things or you may find other apps that you like more than I. Both of which are fine. Use what works for you. Below are some of my favorite apps and some ways to use them. I can help if you let me know more about what you want to do. More apps can be found at the iSchoolinfo page, but I do not necessarily USE all those apps. That site is more for quantity and the many options of apps. Below are the ones I use often.

I have since created a yet another Wiki for APPS! Please visit that page for even more information

File Storage

Office HD
Word and Excel


gFlash Pro

Dragon (Dictation)


Various Content Apps

Coming soon...


Doodle Buddy

Got an App you want me to do a write up on? Send me suggestion. (The link is over on the left).

Some questions I have gotten asked...

  • Q. Ted App, Ted Podcast - what is the difference?
    • A. .com is just a website go to it whenever you want. The app is an app for your iThing. Both depend upon an internet connection. A PodCast you can subscribe to and is dowloaded to your machine (either ithing or computer) and you can watch it at anytime.
  • Q. What is better an ipod or ipad.
    • A. It depends on what you want. An iPad is bigger and easier and you have all the enjoyment of a bigger iThing. However an iPod will do most of the same things but fit in your pocket!
  • Q. Wireless or 3G/4G?
    • A. I have found that most places have their own wireless networks. If I am out and find that I need to access "the web" it is not too hard to find a free wireless somewhere. Again it depends on need. I would love to have a xG pod - they call that an iPhone. Then I would not have to go everywhere with my iPod, phone and camera!
  • Q. Should I wait for the new one to come out.
    • A. How long until it comes out? Do you want/need the new one? Will the old one be cheaper after the new one comes out? Sorry but this question brings up too many more questions.