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Google Search - So Much more than just searching. Go to Google and click on More to see what I mean. If you are daring click on "Even More!" Creating an account is very well worth your time and effort.
Google Docs is a fantastic tool that would give Microsoft Office a run for its money. The best things about Google docs is that
  • It is free
  • They are sharable. Which means other people can work on YOUR documents
  • It is web based. No more saving to thumb drives or other hard drives...
  • Many Apps sync to it. Either edit your current files or save no files to Google
Google has "hundreds" of tools. I cannot possibly help with all of them but I can help with most! A workshop at a conference (UCET or UEN) or exploring them on your own is your best bet. Google even has a week long workshop for educators and its own educators page here.
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Google Searching Help

A link to Google's help files
A link to my search wiki page
Using Google Docs -

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Picassa - (Photo album and storage)
(files are from UEN)

Adding Placemarks in
Google Earth (from UEN)

Using Google Docs -

Docs on the tube (YouTube)

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